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Burnout is real : Let's Manage It!

It’s easy to get down on yourself when your tired, busy, and stressed and that can be very normal come the end of a big training cycle. It is also very easy to get into a rut, routine is awesome but it can be a very tricky balance. Burnout manifests its in many different forms and sometimes you can’t even put your finger on it; some of the triggers for it are a lack of motivation, feeling of inadequacy, training feels like a burden, lack of sleep, etc. The good news is that while it isn’t always preventable, there is no magical piece to preventing burnout, but it can be managed and maybe the chance of it happening decreased!

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Dream Big. Go Big.
Prepping for the Couer d'Alene Marathon: Playing a Mental Game

Sometimes you have to remember that growth comes from more than just physical growth but also from improving your mental capacity, faith, and belief. This marathon preparation has been a frustrating one for me but has reminded me about the importance of believing in yourself and the strength that resides inside you.

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