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A USAT Level 1 Certified Coach Kayla offers both fully customized one on one coaching and semi-customized monthly triathlon and run coaching. The Where Your Feet Take You team is dedicated to helping you cross the finish line with Passion, Strength, and Faith.


Where Your Feet Take You started out as a journey dedicated to finding passion, faith, and strength within oneself through triathlon. That essence and pillar has not changed.   Continue to follow the journey along with other posts related to helping you to learn and grow along with me. 


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At Where Your Feet Take You we strive to help you cross the finish line with passion, faith, and strength in yourself.  With one on one coaching opportunities for both triathlon and running you not only are getting a USAT Level 1 coach but also a team!! Learn more about our coaching services by clicking on the button below!!





After just a few months of Kayla’s coaching, I’ve seen huge improvements in my performance. She helped me rehab and build strength after a running injury. I’ve had a 30 minute bike PR. I’m a stronger swimmer than I’ve ever been! More importantly, I feel strong & confident. Kayla’s plans are hard. She pushes me beyond the borders of comfort and even beyond what I believe to be achievable, at times. She believes in me, sometimes more than I believe in myself. I’m so grateful to have Kayla as a coach. She’s been a game changer for me!



One of the reasons I hired Kayla as a coach was because I saw her athletes make huge gains. With her guidance, tough workouts, and flexibility, I was able to achieve a 70.3 personal record. Kayla is a dedicated coach and even took the extra step of flying out to my race to be there for the finish line!

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Julia Quinley

Since working with Kayla I have seen drastic improvements in all disciplines, both speed and technique. Kayla is a superb coach, always creating personalized workouts specific for me and my goals. I love her positivity, dedication, and firm yet understanding coaching style. It has made a huge difference having tailored workouts and an experienced professional as both my personal cheerleader and mentor. She believes in me and see’s potential in me even when I don’t.

Kayla’s coaching has allowed me to gain a level of fitness that I thought I would never be able to achieve. Looking forward to continuously pushing my limits.

-Laura Bowens


Who am I?

HELLO!!! I am Kayla or Coach Kayla! I believe that everyone has an inner strength inside that is just waiting to be tapped into! I found my inner strength and passion through triathlon and running when I was 24. Since then I have completed 8 Half Ironmans, 4 Full Ironmans and two Ironman World Championships finishes. I am also a fur baby mom, triathlon coach, wife, and lover of books.

It is my dream to help others find passion, faith, and strength in themselves and realize that they are unstoppable whether it be in triathlon, running, or life.