Road to Ironman: Week 7

Week 7.  Crazy to think that puts me at 23 weeks until the Couer d'Alene Ironman.  I have moments where I wonder how in the world I am going to be ready for the Ironman in time and then others where I think "I totally got this".  To think you can be so nervous for something that is still months away. This week was a short work week for me as the 15th, Tuesday, was my last day at ALK-Abello giving me around 11 days off until I begin a new adventure at a company called Unicep.

You would think that with only working two days the training week would have been awesome! However, after introducing running back into my training schedule I was feeling pretty trashed from the week before.  I had a hard time getting my training legs under me and was beyond exhausted.  While I kept up on my training I also spent a lot of time napping.  Starting on Wednesday I believe I average two naps a day along with being in bed at my usual time.  Let's just say my body was tired.


As per usual Monday is my sleep in day.  I followed a wonderful sleep in morning with heavy shoulders in the afternoon.  Due to the increase in calories and macros that I have been consuming to keep up with my training I am pleased to be able to continue putting up some heavy weight in the gym.


I had my alarm set at this time to get myself up for my usual swim and I ended up sleeping in.  Due to not having to work the next day my brain said you can do your swim tomorrow.

That evening I got a 1 hour 15 min lift followed by a nice little 5 mile run.



Despite it being a day off I was still up at 4:45 am to get myself to early morning spin class.   Legs were pretty fatigued during spin class I had a really hard time getting my legs to respond to my brain and after about a half hour I just gave into it and pushed as hard as I could with the fatigue rather than become frustrated that i wasn't working the way I wanted it to.

Upon getting home I promptly ate my breakfast and took a nap.  Pretty sure I took another one sometime later that day.

That afternoon I headed to the gym to get my swim in.  Turned out to be a great swim, and I am realizing that I swim much better in the afternoons than in the morning.  3,281 yards in 55 mins was followed up by a run home from the gym for 6 miles.  I am loving that it stays lighter later so I can start running outside more rather than on the treadmill.



Since I did not have to work again today I went down to the Tri-Cities with Brandon to ride my bike while he made sales calls.  This was AWESOME!! I love being able to go places with him.

image It was a little colder than out than anticipated and I was glad I had thrown another layer in at the last minute.  I had a good ride with crazy amounts of headwind and one small little tumble off the bike.  I was coming down a small little incline that was going to be crossing a road and when I got to the intersection, which I had just looked at as clear, all of the sudden had a car coming up towards it.  While the car was plenty far enough away it scared me so I slammed on my breaks and tipped over.  Not a fancy fall at all.  Haha



Nice early morning spin class again to finish out the week.  I was feeling a bit banged up after tipping over yesterday.   Since I was feeling a bit sore still I took the evening easy and just lifted verses lift and run.


Normally on Saturdays its 2 hour spin class at the gym.  But we were meeting my parents down in Tri-cities to go golfing at noon so I didn't have the time to get myself to spin class.  Rather I got myself up pretended to swim, and by pretending I mean it was slow and pathetic.  I did not want to swim that morning and I totally let my negativity take over my phsycial ability.  It did not go the way I wanted.  I followed that up with a 4 mile sluggish run.  At first I was frustrated that I let my negativity get in the way of my workout and while I was still mad at myself for doing so I realized that despite that I had still gotten myself up and worked out for a little over an hour before most people are up on a Saturday.  I still got it done, so I should be proud of that.


We met my mom and dad at Columbia Point golf course down in Tri-Cities at noon for some golf.  I got to be my husbands caddy for the day :)   Afterwards we went and grabbed some dinner and watched the Zags beat Utah (handily) to head to the Sweet 16.



We weren't able to get a tee time for all four of us on Sunday so just Brandon and my dad went golfing this morning.  My mom and I worked out before heading to meet them after golf.   I went for a 20 mile bike ride and followed it up with a KICK ASS 10 mile run along the river.  Man oh man did it feel good.  The last 2 miles were pretty tough and I had a hard time staying on pace, but with being almost exactly 3 months post op and hit 10 miles I was pretty darn excited. During this time my badass 60 year mother ran 11 miles!! She's so amazing, 60 years old and just goes out on a Sunday and runs 11 miles because she is training for a half marathon in April.  I am so blessed to have gained such dedication, belief, and strength from her and she continues to prove that on a daily basis.


Around 2 pm we met up with BRandon and my dad got some quick lunch because we were all starving! Then headed back home.  It was such a wonderful weekend.  I hadn't seen my parents since Christmas so it was really nice to be able to meet up halfway to go golfing and spend some time with them.

What was your favorite workout of the week? When you are feeling fatigued do you push through it or take a break?