Thoughtful Thursday: Never Give Up

CaptureOn this thoughtful Thursday we turn to those dreams that you have always had, or that maybe you just thought of but have been afraid to shoot for because people have told you that there is no way you could achieve that.  There will always be those people who spend their lives living in the negative and there will always be people who believe that they know more about how you should live your life than you do.  However, those people are not you.  They do not control your destiny it is up to you to make it the way that you want, that is the beautiful thing about life is that you have a choice. You have a choice to be great and if you are willing to take the leap you can be. Turn the negative around and show everyone what you are made of, show them who you are.  Never let what one person says dictate who you want to be, because you can be stronger than them.

It has taken me many years to come to the realization that it is not up to everyone else who I want to be.  I chose to let those who believed they knew what I was capable of dictate where I went, what I participated in, and what I did; it was not a healthy or fun way of living.  When it clicked that this was not healthy I cannot fully tell you, I wish I could because it could point you in a better direction, just one day I realized I had these dreams that I wanted to accomplish and it was time to do them.

My dreams: 1. Run a marathon 2. Start lifting 3. Complete an Ironman 4. Fall in love 5. Try new adventures 6. Help others to live a fit and health life, #changeyourlife

Now three years later I have completed two marathons, competed in a bikni competition, am four months away from marrying the man of my dreams, on my way to completing an Ironman (2016), have been on many adventures, and am starting my journey towards helping others change their life.  All because I decided not to listen to what other people told me I could or could not do.

So take your dreams and turn them into reality.  Don't be afraid to fail and don't be afraid to shine. Show everyone that you can do it, prove them all wrong.  Go for it and never look back!!!

What is your biggest dream?