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Burnout is real : Let's Manage It!

It’s easy to get down on yourself when your tired, busy, and stressed and that can be very normal come the end of a big training cycle. It is also very easy to get into a rut, routine is awesome but it can be a very tricky balance. Burnout manifests its in many different forms and sometimes you can’t even put your finger on it; some of the triggers for it are a lack of motivation, feeling of inadequacy, training feels like a burden, lack of sleep, etc. The good news is that while it isn’t always preventable, there is no magical piece to preventing burnout, but it can be managed and maybe the chance of it happening decreased!

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Race With Heart

In a world full of devices, gadgets, social media, and over exposure to all of our lives it is really easy to get caught up not only in what other people are doing but what you believe that your “data” should be. We’ve become so ingrained in our numbers that if we don’t follow our numbers to a tee we panic and totally derail our day. The only question you really must ask yourself is are you giving 110% in that moment? If you are than no matter what the data says you are doing exactly what you should be doing. 

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Choosing To Race While Pregnant

The number one thing that my parents taught me was to chase my passions, never give up on your dreams, and do whatever it takes. This may mean that my route and path may change a little bit, it will be adjusted, but it sure as hell does not mean that my dreams and goals have to change unless I WANT them to.

I want my child to grow up watching its parents chase their dreams, to go after their passions, to get down and dirty with the crazy ideas that they have. I want my child to look at me and know that I never gave up on what I wanted in hopes that someday when they are out their chasing their dreams they will think my mom never gave up so why would I.

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Importance of Post Activity Fueling

Recovery practices are vast from the sleep that you get, compression, baths, massages, supplements, nutrition, and so much more. There are two post activity (training) windows for fueling towards recovery. The first window is the 30 minute window immediately following training and the second window follow immediately after during the next 90 minutes after that 30 minute window. Proper post training fueling facilitates; Replenishment of electrolytes in the body, Fluid replenishment, Replenishment of glycogen in the body, Muscle repair, recovery, and synthesis, Decreases risk of illness and injury, and Prepares the body to do it all over again the next day.

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Coach Kayla's Five Rules for Everyday Nutrition

Daily nutrition is one of the most difficult pieces to manage whether you are an athlete or not. It is very time consuming and in the time we live in our days are often so full of “stuff” that finding the time to focus on our daily nutrition is really hard especially when you can just head to the drive through and quickly pick something up. The thing is that your daily nutrition did not have to be crazy, it doesn’t have to take a really long time, and honestly it really is just going back to the idea of the basics of eating.

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October in Triathlon: Championship Season

Just like that it is October, championship month for those in the Ironnman (or full 140.6) distance world of triathlon. Athletes are making their way to the Island and my Instagram is blowing up with photos and stories of everyone landing in Kona. It is a wonderfully charged time full of tension, anxiety, anticipation, and adrenaline.

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