Thoughtful Thursday: Believe You Can

Quotes have always been one of my most simple forms of motivation, I pulled them out of songs, books, or from other people I came in contact with.  Quotes have always been a tool I used to get me through a tough situation, a race, a training, or even just every day life.  I remember repeating the words "I am a champion" (directly from the I am a champion song) over and over through a race course many times to pump me up.  Still to this day I use them to motivate me through whatever I am focusing on.  As they are such a simple form of motivation I am going to start sharing some of my favorites that I've come across with you in what I have dubbed, Thoughtful Thursday. "Please note that Thoughtful Thursday is inspired by the wonderful Katie Hart Morse whose blog I follow and read.  If you get a chance check her out at KatieHartMorse, she is brilliantly insightful, passionate, and motivating. "

A couple months ago I ran across this quote somewhere on the internet.


Instantly upon reading it a sense of strength came across me, a sense of faith in myself that I could do what I had set out to do.

There will be times in your life that people tell you you can't do something.  I was told once that I could never run a marathon, my body wouldn't let me; one year later and two marathons down my body is stronger than ever and I am pushing for the stars, all because I believed I could do it.

I wish I could say differently but there will always be people that don't believe in you, usually that is because they themselves don't believe.  Do you want to know how to beat those people?  Its very simple, just believe in you.  Believe in the strength inside you and believe in the power that you have; belief is an amazing tool that everyone has the ability to utilize.

Believe that you can do it and next thing you know you will have accomplished more than you could ever imagine.