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5 Basic Principles to Get to Kona World Championships (or just chase your dreams)

Maybe you are someone who has dreamed of racing in Kona on World Championship day.  Maybe you’ve been close multiple times but never totally there.  Maybe you just want to push yourself to see if it is even possible.  Well let me tell you, it is possible, and it is totally worth it, but you are going to have to work for it.  Qualifying for Kona means you are going up against the best of the best in the sport from Professionals to Age Groupers and let me tell you there are some amazing athletes out there across the board.  Now this blog won’t tell you exactly how to qualify from a performance standpoint and it isn’t meant to be a guide in your training but merely a guide in the most important pieces of getting yourself there; five basic principles to help organize your mindset to achieve your dreams of racing on the big island.

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Choosing To Race While Pregnant

The number one thing that my parents taught me was to chase my passions, never give up on your dreams, and do whatever it takes. This may mean that my route and path may change a little bit, it will be adjusted, but it sure as hell does not mean that my dreams and goals have to change unless I WANT them to.

I want my child to grow up watching its parents chase their dreams, to go after their passions, to get down and dirty with the crazy ideas that they have. I want my child to look at me and know that I never gave up on what I wanted in hopes that someday when they are out their chasing their dreams they will think my mom never gave up so why would I.

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Open Water Swim Tips

We have all been there, standing in the funnel of the start line just waiting for our turn to jump into either a lake or ocean churning with white caps and swells, or maybe its a calm day and the water is calmly waiting for the 1500-2500 humans about to churn it up. The anxiety of open water swimming is compounded by the fact that combined with weather, masses of humanity, and currents the water can be very choppy and/or tough to swim in. Open water swimming does not have to be terrifying and even it is never going to be your favorite portion of a triathlon you can tackle it with grace and grit.

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Coach Kayla's Five Rules for Everyday Nutrition

Daily nutrition is one of the most difficult pieces to manage whether you are an athlete or not. It is very time consuming and in the time we live in our days are often so full of “stuff” that finding the time to focus on our daily nutrition is really hard especially when you can just head to the drive through and quickly pick something up. The thing is that your daily nutrition did not have to be crazy, it doesn’t have to take a really long time, and honestly it really is just going back to the idea of the basics of eating.

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January 2019 Monthly Recap

With that moving forward in 2019 I am going to share a bit more of the journey that started all of this, the journey of an age group triathlete doing everything she can to be great, with you all through monthly recaps regarding my own training. In these recaps I’ll chat all things triathlon that happened during the run, share the good and the bad, anything I learned, a high level idea of what I did for the month and every once in a while favorite workout for each of the disciplines. I hope that you enjoy these, and that maybe the journey will not only provide you with some education yourself and maybe inspire you to go after your own crazy journey.

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