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Race Simulations: Why We Love Them

A race simulation doesn’t always have to be a complete day that is treated like a race but merely a specific workout say your long Sunday run where you do it at race pace effort, or even just a bike done with large portions at race pace effort. Now you can’t, and don’t want to do these types of training days, all the time because our bodies would break down but strategically placed they can be very beneficial.

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Does The Off Season Really Mean Off?

Does the off season really mean that you take the season off of training? As I was prepping for a chat with my athletes about the off season I cam across Matt Dixon’s podcast “Take a Break But Don’t Be  a Sloth” broke an athletes seasonal mindset into three parts, and I really liked his thought process on the three phases. Find out more about the WYFTY thought process on the off season.

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