Road to Ironman: Week 6

Yes, I skipped week 5.  Week 5 was just an awful week, not in the sense that everything went wrong it was just a rough week training wise.  There was ZERO motivation, desire, I was bloated, uncomfortable, tired, and wanting to eat all of the useless carbs you could find.  Basically combining "active rest" week with that wonderful time of the month was a mistake. In week 5 I ended up sleeping in most of the days, only swam once, took a full day off, and didn't get much else in. week5

Week 6 was a lot better with motivation and strength more present.


Due to skipping my bike the day before I got myself to evening spin class today.  Threw in a quick 40 mins of shoulders prior to class.


I had a hard time getting myself out of bed this morning.  With physical therapy at 6:30 am it meant in order to get my full swim in I was going to have to be up very early, and I had every intention of doing so... However, I was slow to get out of bed and then the puppy wanted to play chase outside instead of getting into the car.  I was able to get to the gym with enough time to get a quick 35 mins and 1700 yds of swimming in.  Better than not getting it in. swimmingI was cleared to run in physical therapy so after my heavy leg day that afternoon I got a very easy 2 miles in.  Word of advice, don't run after you do a heavy squat day you'll want to die.


This turned out to be a high volume day for me.  With early morning spin class followed by a 4 mile run.

That afternoon I got in a quick 50 min lift and headed back into spin class for another hour of intensity.  My legs were WORKED!!



After a really high volume the day before there was no way I was getting out of bed in the morning.  Truthfully I don't really remember even turning my alarm clock off. So instead I got my swim in the evening.

It turned out to be my best swim to date.  In 1 hour I got 3300 m in with the following workout: 400 m warmup 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 4X100 hard Steady state with bouy until I hit 1 hour of swimming

I had been having a hard time getting past the 45 min and around 2500 m swimming in so I was thrilled to have pasted that point.


Another early morning with 5:30 am spin class followed by a 4 mi run.

In the afternoon I hit the gym for a lame bout of lifting.  On the plus side my husband finally got home after being gone all week!! Everything is always better when he is home.


Saturdays have turned into a high volume day for me and a very early wake up call.

5:15 the alarm went off to get 2,400 meters in before 2 hour spin class.  The 2 hour spin class was brutal, I hit a new high of 176 bpm during the first hour.  I then followed it up with the BEST RUN I've had since about this time last year.  6 miles at 7:03 min/mile pace.  Oh man did it feel good!! runningI spent the rest of the day trying to play catch up on calories and energy.  :)


Thank you to daylight savings time I had a hard time getting out of bed and once I got out of bed the lethargy was real!  We took the doodle puppy on his usual Sunday morning walk, this has easily turned into my favorite part of the week.  Followed by a nap and then heading out for what I had planned would be 45-50 miles of biking to hopefully get in prior to the rain they were calling for at 3 pm.

Well..... apparently the rain decided to come earlier and I got stuck in a very cold and windy downpour.  Oh man I have not been that miserable in a long time. Riding in the rain is probably the worst thing that you could do, especially when you weren't totally prepared for rain (ie: not wearing any gloves).  I cut the ride short and booked it home to get 28.3 miles in.  Despite cutting it short it was still a good workout as I spent a lot of time going up and down hills.

bikingA shower never felt so good.  Once I got my feet to thaw to a point where they didn't hurt I could have stood in the shower for hours!  Our hot water heater had a different plan though.

Brandon and I spent the rest of the evening watching Selection Sunday, meal planning (well I did this), eating FroYo and binge watching a TV show on Netflix.

week 6

How long do you spend in each of the disciplines? I would love to hear other peoples training regime!! 

Do you have a discipline you don't mind doing in the rain??