There is this phenomenon circling about where others are uplifting others and the promotion of strength within each other, for each other, has become the foundation. If you ask me I think its pretty darn bad ass!  This belief that there is a strength within each person and the willingness to help them reach for it is one of the most beautiful things about a support system.

A lot of life is something that can be done singularly and the actions of that life are most often at the beckoning of your own decisions.  However, despite that singularity life cannot be fully accomplished and potential not fully reached without a team.  It takes a team to accomplish greatness.

I am blessed to have not only an intermediate support system, husband, family and friends, that without a doubt has made me the competitor and person I am but also the support of an amazing group of women whom while I have never met them I can honestly call family.


It is this TEAM this team of family composed of my immediate family and friends and my new found strength system of Badass Betty Sisters of Team Betty 2016.  The strength that each of these women exudes is something you can't deny and a wave you can't help but ride.

Cheers to each of these strong and amazing women.  Cheers to my husband, parents, and friends for believing in me.  And Cheers to being BADASS and BEAUTIFUL!!