Living on a Dream

Last week my coach wrote in my plan to run 6 miles at my "dream" Ironman pace. While the point was merely to get a solid Ironman race pace run day in what she didn't know is that she subconsciously sparked something deep within me, a reminder to dream, and with three weeks to go until the big dance it came at a perfect time.  I spent the entire 6 miles repeating the same thing "Coach said dream Ironman pace, well in my dream I'm fricken fast".  The amazing thing is that that one word "dream" allowed me to reach deep inside myself and be fricken fast, just as I always dream I am. running 12

Dreams are like little tiny bubbles that float around inside our heart, soul, and mind; every once in a while one stands out to us.  We reach out and grab hold letting the dream take its grip on us. This entire journey started with a dream, a tiny little bubble that stemmed from the moment I decided to do my first triathlon, to the day I chose to tackle an Ironman, and finally as I sit here two weeks out from a dream that not everyone no matter how hard they wish gets a chance to do.

Let me go back to that run; each step of that run continued to remind me of that dream.  A dream to see how far my body, heart, and soul can grow and change, a dream to never give up, a dream to stand on the world stage and toe to toe with the best in the world, and a dream to live a passion.  With two weeks to go its the dream that keeps me going, its the dream that puts the spark in my step, the dream that puts one foot in front of the other even after 17 miles, and its the dream that excites me each and every day that day gets closer.

Today as I was half way through my Ironman pacing run I once again reached into my mind to remember that dream and remember to keep dreaming (then I yelled at myself to run a little bit faster).

running 11

As this dream comes to a close it does not leave me feeling sad that a journey is ending but rather excited to see what new dream comes from this adventure.   This is merely a reminder to you to never stop dreaming, reach up, grab that bubble floating just out of reach, take a chance, and live your passion.