Road To Kona Week 3

The week started a bit slow as I was still recovering from the plague that it felt like I had caught the week before.  As it is still early in my training I decided to take this week pretty easy and wait until I had more normal energy to pick things up again. Monday

Bike: 29.4 miles 1 hr 15 mins

I am thankful that my cold decided to hit me the same time as a long weekend, Presidents weekend.  It allowed me to add another day of taking it easy, sleeping in, and getting a workout in if I felt like it.

The one thing that did help my head during the cold was working out, the increase in blood and oxygen flow helped to improve my breathing and clean out my sinuses a little bit.


Lift: Back Run: 4 mile

We, husband and myself, finally got ourselves some versa grips as both of us had felt we maxed out on the ability to pull during back days.  Everything everyone had said about how much they help is true adding the versa grips made a huge difference in my ability to pull on back day.  I was able to put up a lot more weight than I had been, so needless to say I had a great back day.

I followed the lift up with a quick four mile run.  Not going to lie I am getting really tired of running on the treadmill, thankfully I believe we have a time change coming up soon so it will stay lighter much longer and I can run outside after work.


Lift: Shoulders Run: 5.5 miles 3 X 800 with 800 rest in between.

Lifting and running is probably one of my favorite combinations and since it is still so early in my training I must say I am enjoying continuing with this combination more.

I was feeling good today during my run so I decided last minute to throw in some speed work, the plan is to start adding in speed work at least once a week.  The workout was 3x800 at half marathon race pace with an 800m rest in between.  It felt good to really move the legs and to remind my body that these legs can run fast still.


Bike: 45 miles 2 hrs

This ride ended up getting broken into two pieces because as in standard form lately my erg mode decided not to work on Zwift. Anyone who uses Zwift do you have a problem with the erg mode basically freezing?  Lately any time I try to use erg mode the resistance gets locked or something to the point where I can barely even turn over a pedal stroke.  So I decided to stop the ride I was on a start over not using erg mode.

Today's workout included 8 min at 255w followed immediately by 2 mins at 320w; a combination of FTP intervals followed by V02 max intervals it was brutal but awesome at the same time.  I like to combine V02 max bursts immediately after a steady FTP as it creates the ability to repeat quick bursts of power and then going back down to a strong hard steady state, similar to how you ride in a race.



Lift: Bis and Tris Run: 4 miles

I had a lot going on with work this week and by the time Friday rolled around my brain was toasted, mentally trashed and it greatly affected my workout this day.  That is something I know I need to work on, the ability to not let me mind/work/emotions totally affect my workouts.

My four miles where tough and unwanted, however by the time I got done I felt much better.


Swim: 3000 yds Bike: 62 miles 2 hrs 38 mins

Ahhhhh!!! Saturday workouts! These are my favorite, I feel like I have all the time I need (most of the time) and I get to take it easy in the morning before my workout.

I went to the gym with the hubby to get a good swim in, and a good swim I had.  Paddles came in this week so I was excited to throw those into the mix.  My stroke is really week at the end so I am hoping that some paddle work will help to train my body to stroke all the way through.  I alternated my workout with a bouy, free, paddles, free, paddles, free, then cooled down with the bouy. swim1 The day was then followed by a really strong bike while the husband went for run, he's training for a half marathon right now so he often heads out for runs will I train.  One of my goals right out of Ironman Arizona was to become a powerhouse on the bike (or at least give it my best shot).  That being said today's workout was a beast!!

Nice long warm up followed by 6X10 min intervals at 255w - 10 above my FTP and finished out with just some riding to round out the longest ride of the season so far.


By the time my last 10 min interval hit I was drenched in sweat, it was soaking right through my seat towel, pouring off my nose, and running down my legs but that burn felt so good.  Not every ride is great but more and more I am unleashing this power and fire when I ride that I used to only feel when I ran. bike13


Lift: Back Run: 6 miles

We woke up to more snow and another grey cold day and it totally messed with my brain.  The plan was to ride and run but legs were pretty tossed after the day before so I decided to switch it up and would lift and run with my ride happening tomorrow.

Despite my extreme crankiness, apologies to my husband who had to deal with it, I had a pretty heavy lift again today. Then talked myself into getting outside to go for a run despite the snow falling.  That run was exactly what I needed to improve my mood.  While it was not ideal conditions and I had the pleasure of some jack wipe deciding he wanted to drive fast through the standing water on the side of the road and TOTALLY soaked me causing me to have to cut my run short (I started to get really cold quickly after that) I finished the run no longer cranky!! It is amazing what getting yourself outside can do for the brain, it fixed mine for the day!!


Totals: Lift: 3 hours (ish) Ride: 137 miles Run: 19.5 miles Swim: 3000 yds

Sunday is also meal prep day so I spent the rest of the afternoon, before my 4:30 massage, making meat sauce to put over protein noodles for spaghetti and a broccoli salad for part of our meals for the rest of the week.

Somehow Sunday afternoon ended up being kind of a crazy one where I didn't have time to sit down until about right now, in which I am spending the time finishing this article up.  My husband sometimes questions if I ever slow down.

We finished out a fun weekend with my first every Login and Learn virtual nutrition party sharing my passion for the Isagenix nutrition both my husband and I incorporate heavily into our lives.  The event was very empowering and I had a great time sharing the amazing things that Isagenix has to offer, and how it has helped both of us.

Now it is time for me to slow down for a few minutes before closing my eyes to begin a new week.  Happy Sunday Everyone!!