Positive Week 4

New Books I absolutely love books. I love the way they feel, smell, and the sound when a page turns is so peaceful to me.  This past weekend when my husband was ordering a new filter for something in our house (yes very exciting) he also tossed in a book I had been eyeing for a bit.

I spent the entire three day weekend devouring it.  It is so good; really makes you think about your motivations and what it takes mentally to be unstoppable.  Though I will admit it made me feel a little bit like a baby who was making excuses of being sick and cutting back on my workouts this past weekend.


Three day weekends

Who doesn't love three day weekends?  This past one came a great time as I caught the flu followed by the crud so it allowed me to have plenty of time to rest and get better.

Since we didn't have any plans the husband and I took this weekend super lazy and low key.   Watched movies, read books, worked out a little, went for a walk, and out to dinner one night. Both of us are always really busy so it was nice to be able to slow down and just enjoy the time.

Planning Races

Its always fun to plan your season and while I had a good idea of what I races I want to do it is time to finalize those and put my money where my mouth is.

So we spent some time going over costs of a couple races and seeing if they are doable.  Stay tuned for a final race schedule coming up. :)

What are your positives for the week??

CHEERS!!!! Kayla