Positive Monday Week 2

Hi everyone!!!   Happy Monday (near the end of the day)!! Positive Monday post number two! I'm already really enjoying this series and found myself thinking over the weekend of all the good things. I would find myself thinking "this is awesome I need to remember this for Mondays post!" So I am excited to say it's working for me at least!! 😄

Here's my positive for this week:

1. Ski trip with my dad. This one will get me through a couple of weeks most likely. For about 17 years now my dad and I have been taking father daughter ski trips, and before that we were taking family ski trips.  This year it was exceptionally special as my father goes in for a hip replacement next Monday.  So we went big! On Monday last week my dad booked me a ticket to Boise and I flew out to Thursday night to Boise after work where he then picked me up and took we continued on our way to Jackson Hole! This is one of my favorite places ever to ski at, and man oh man it will kick your butt.  We skied hard three days in a row getting there for opening chair and grabbing the last one possible every day.  It was a classic Kayla and Dad ski trip chasing steeps, powder, and skiing every inch of the mountain we could.  I'm so thankful for a chance to get to do something like this with my father, it is everything that my family embodies - doing things as a family.

2. Officially starting the Road To Kona Training If you follow my blog you'll know that I decided to give myself a break in January and pushed off the start of my official Ironman build until the first of February.  Now that I am back from my ski trip it is officially time to get started and I finally feel like I am mentally ready to get started. 16473716_10155750189207598_6312562106938816877_n

3. Its one month closer to Spring Time. While I love to ski, and was reminded of that this weekend, January is a tough month for me and its been a dark and nasty winter this year.  Well, it is February which means that we are one month closer to spring time, being able to run outside, bike outside, and it being warm outside!  It is amazing what changing your mindset can do for your emotions!