Positive Monday

Mondays.  They can really suck and lately I've been really negative when Monday's come around, I don't enjoy feeling negative. One way I've always found to keep the negativity at bay is to think of something positive that happened, focus on the good.  So on that note I'm starting a new series on this blog called Positive Monday, where I'll tell you something positive, fun, or exciting that happened over the weekend.  I hope that it'll help to remind you all to think of something positive that happened to you over the weekend and help to keep the negativity at bay.  I'm very excited about this series, I hope that you enjoy!!

Monday Positive

  1. Lululemon 40|80 Challenge.  I had joined this challenged just because I think its fun to join challenges on Strava gives me something to work towards, but hadn't thought much about it after joining.  Then this past week I got an email saying I had completed the 40k portion of it and could go pick up my free Tech Tee Shirt from my local Lululemon store.  HOW AWESOME!!!  So the hubby and I went down there today to pick it up.

2.  Morning Coffee with my husband. This is my favorite part of the day even on the weekdays but with him traveling a lot lately for work we haven't been able to get the chance to sit down and just drink our coffee together.  This weekend we slowed down in order to be able to ensure that we got this time in together.


3. Signing up for the Bend Half Marathon.  This has become a family tradition, I've competed at this race since its inaugural race in 2015.  This weekend we signed myself, my husband (he's super excited), and my mother up for it.  It has become a fun family weekend and I look forward to it every year.


I am excited for this new series and as I mentioned I hope that it helps to remind you to focus on something good, even it is small, that helps to bring some positiveness the start of the week.  Please share your fun experiences with me too!!

Cheers!! Kayla