Road To Ironman: Week 2

This week turned into a funky week.  I started it out with an awful cold that left me with a raw throat, stuffed up head, and a bit on the tired side.  This meant that I slept in more days than I would want to, however I just knew that my body needed to rest a bit in order to prevent my cold from moving further into my chest. The biggest discovery I found during week two was that my body doesn't rebound from pushing it hard a quickly (just yet) that it did prior to surgery or even the injury.  This is something that has been hard to for to swallow, as previously one of my strong suits was my ability to recover after a brutal workout.  I know that this will come back as I get stronger but it just takes a minute to remind myself that it will come eventually.


Due to my cold I only swam today but was able to still get a really good workout in.

300 warm up
400 cool down
Total: 1750
swimming 4Tuesday

This morning was a rough morning as I did not give myself enough time to sleep off the NyQuill that I had taken the night before so my morning workout did not happen.  In the afternoon I went for a decent shoulder day and ran 3 miles.  Running is still pretty tough and is for sure the last thing that is going to come back to me.

I am also excited to announce that I was accepted to be a part of the TriMafia team on top of the amazing Betty Designs team I am a part of.  I am so excited to be a part of two teams!


Leg day!! First real leg day since surgery, it felt good to push it and be able to get back to building strength in my glutes, hams, and quads.


The husband kicked me out of bed this morning to get myself to the gym.  I was about two minutes away from not doing my morning swim.  I'm so thankful that he supports me and is willing to push me to be the best that I can.

Workout: 300 w/up
Main set:
500 400 300 200 2X100
400 cool down
Total: 2300 m swimming 5 PM workout consisted of a strong back day and a 2 mile run.  I was pretty sore from my leg day the day before and even those 2 miles were a struggle to get done.

On Friday's I go to the downtown gym for spin class, however this morning the substitute for the usual teacher did not show.  Instead of a one hour spin class I walked for 50 mins.  That evening I finished the day with chest and arms and a 3 mile run.


Running did not go well again today.  The last bit of healing that needs to occur from surgery is that my joint capsule needs to heal and it is taking its sweet time.  Due to the lack of healing whenever I run I have a lot of discomfort and the hip flexor tightens up really bad.  Basically what it boils down to is that I have tried to push running too soon, and have to let the joint continue to heal before I actually try to run again.


FIRST RIDE OF THE SEASON!  It was so much fun to hop on "Beauty" (what I named my bike haha) and go for a ride.  But man oh man did I remember how tough it is on the bike.  It always takes me a couple rides to get back to into being on the bike.

21 miles for the first ride; it was a bit windy and colder than I anticipated but still a lot of fun.  I am excited to see the progress I will make.



Happy Valentines Day!  My husband knows me so well and instead of flowers or chocolate showed up with an awesome set of comfy cozies!

valentines day Valentines day brought us a long walk with the dog, followed up by 1 hour of leg strength training and 25 mins on the elliptical.  The elliptical is hard for me as I find it very boring however the physical therapist says it is my key to getting back to running, so elliptical I will go!

valentines day 1

Next week focus:

I was hoping I would be running this week but due to forcing it too soon I will not be running this week.  That means this week I will be focusing hard on making every morning workout and improving my bike strength through spin class and strength training.

week 2 report

How was your valentines day? Did you get a chance to #getoutdoors at all?