Road to Ironman: Week 1

It has been mentioned more than once, so if you follow either my blog, social media, or know me personally you are very well aware that I was cleared for training on Monday which allowed me to officially start training for the Couer d'Alene Ironman. ironman


I kicked off my training with a wonderful little brick workout, because if you are going to dive in you might as well do it 100% :)

30 min swim for 1,230 yds 1 hour spin class

I am still really slow when it comes to swimming and have a lot of work to do.



With an early morning Physical Therapy appointment I snuck in 30 minutes of walking previous to my appointment.

Followed by an afternoon leg workout; my first since surgery and another 20 min walk


I went to bed on Tuesday with a wicked sore throat and when the alarm went off for my morning swim I just did not feel good.  While eventually I will push through this being only my first week back I was working very hard to prevent myself from going backwards, so I turned the alarm off and went back to bed.

Ended the day with a really HEAVY shoulder day that ended up being about 2 hours long.

muscles Thursday

Once again still felt pretty bad and decided sleeping in was the best bet.  This ended up being an accidental day off due to not only myself feeling low in energy but my  husband as well.

The plan will be to take one day off every two weeks as that just is the best plan for my body, or rather mental state.  If I take too many days off I start to get so worked up in my head that it becomes unhealthy.


Early morning Spin class.

Followed by 1.5 hour heavy back day and 30 mins of walking on the treadmill


2 hour spin class for 972 kcal, I don't have the ability to track my miles so I go by heart rate and calories to ensure I am pushing the pace, followed immediately by 45 mins of run/walk. spin class

The most exciting part of Saturday is that we went and got my bike fitted and then took it home with us.  This will be my first really nice bike and I am excited to see how it will respond to my training!

bought a bike Sunday

As it was superbowl sunday we got up early and go ourselves to the gym in order to get done in time to go Brandon's parents house.

It was a heavy chest day followed by a solid 2 miles of running!! First run since prior to surgery, and if you don't count the couple times I tried to run during Thanksgiving my first run since October 4th when it all went to hell.  While it is a little bit like riding a bike it is also similar to a baby horse learning how to walk for the first time, awkward and gangly feeling :)

Sunday ended up being an exercise packed day as we took the puppies for a long walk pre-superbowl.

walkthedog Weekly Totals

Total duration: 13 hours 40 mins Swim duration: 30 mins Bike duration: 40 mins Run duration: 20 mins Strength duration: 5 hours 30 mins Walk duration: 3 hours 20 mins

week 1 report

Next weeks focuses:

This week the focus will be on increasing the swimming duration as that was sorely lacking last week, and in doing so focusing on improving my 100 yd time.

I will also be slowly increasing the duration of my running, this will be the slowest of the increases due to the hip surgery however I am confident that as I become stronger the running will improve.  I can't wait to be back to running at a normal pace again.

How did your training go last week? What are you focusing on for this week?