Couer d'Alene 70.3 Race Report


It is amazing how quickly race day comes around, seems like such a long time but in reality it comes very quickly.  I mean hell it was just a few weeks ago it seemed that we were toeing the line at Ironman Arizona back at the end of April.  Now here we are, the end of June with 15 weeks until the Ironman World Championships at Kona and ticking off the next box on the way with CdA 70.3.  I love this race; the course is tough, its in my hometown, it is full of the most amazing volunteers, spectators, and participants.   While this race was technically a B race for myself in the road to Kona it still had a lot of importance for me, and one that I wanted to do really well at. Being in my hometown there were plenty of people coming out to watch, my parents were in town for it, and I desperately wanted to put myself on the top spot of the podium.  It would be my third year racing at CdA 70.3 and so far I had danced on the podium but never in the top spot, and I wanted it badly.   This was something I had to remind myself a couple of times during the bike portion when I was getting frustrated at myself for having made a stupid mistake.  But all and all it was a wonderful day out on the 70.3 Couer d'Alene Race Course and I wanted to share a little of it with you, so check out the race report video below:

I hope you enjoyed the video, I know that I normally do this written but thought that I would try something a little different!! :)

Here are my Overall splits for the day. Swim: 32:55 T1: ~3:00 Bike: 2:40 T2: ~2:00 Run: 1:25.28 Total Time: 4:44

Next up is Boulder 70.3 in about five weeks and then Ironman Kona World Championships in 15 weeks, so we are turning our sites for the long game! No stopping now!!

I mentioned it in the video but also wanted to do so here: a Huge Thank You to everyone who has supported me and continues to support me throughout this journey.

My family - parents, husband, and in-laws your support is unbelievable.  I could not do any of this without you.

Coach Heather - for always pushing me to be better, stronger, and faster. Sponsors Irwin Cycling for the awesome race wheels Infinite Nutrition for always keeping me fueled for greatness Rudy Project North America for the highest quality helmets and sunglasses Roka Sports for making sure I swim to the best of my ability

And everyone else that continues to support, cheer, love, and motivate me to never stop pushing the limit!!!