Welcome to 2018 // Goals and Dreams

Welcome to 2018! Crazy to think that it is already the second week of the New Year, I love it because that means we are that much closer to warmer weather and sunshine.  We rang in the New Year in standard Bowker fashion, which is most likely pretty darn boring for most people, with dinner and a movie.  In fact the movie was the only way we stayed up close to mid-night. top 9

With the New Year it always comes a time to wipe the slat clean, start fresh, or jump start that "new you" that maybe you talked about all 2017.  I like to take the New Year not necessarily to start fresh or create a new me, though there have been years that it has been necessary for me to do so, but rather to think about the upcoming year and the things I would like to accomplish.  You've heard me talk about goals before and I strongly believe that goals should and can be set at anytime, you do not need to wait for the New Year.  On top of that goals continually change and morph throughout the year, for example Brandon and I never believed we would purchase the house we did last year but we did and that was because we allowed ourselves to be flexible with our time-frame and take a leap.

I love goals because I feel as though it your chance to take the dreams you have and turn them into a reality.  I also love that they can change, grow, and morph as the days go on.

With that... here are some of the goals I have made for the 2018 year to shape my year.


  • Personal Best at an Ironman Race: I would like this to occur at Ironman Texas in April.
  • Personal Best at a 70.3 Ironman Race.
  • Learn to Love Swimming: As you know I launched an I Love Swimming Campaign a few months ago. This campaign is helping with my love of swimming however I am still struggling at my form, speed, and the paces I know I am capable of.
  • Continue to improve at all disciplines: One of the things I love about triathlon is that you can never master one of the disciplines, you are always growing, learning, and improving in each and everyone.  There is no limit.
  • Ironman Texas won't be my only race, while I have not finalized my full racing schedule this year I do plan on doing some other 70.3s.


  • Just recently my boss has allowed me to move forward with some marketing and social media directing for Northwest Legal and Associates, PLLC. It is still in its infancy but through it I am hoping to grow the transaction law side of our firm to help provide growth and expansion for the firm.
  • Continue to learn everything I can about Law so that I can be the best employee I can be.

Where Your Feet Take You

The goals for WhereYourFeetTakeYou are two-fold both on the blogging side and coaching side.


  • Continue to share my journey, and work hard to be more consistent about it.
  • I am working to expand the content of WhereYourFeetTakeYou to not only include my journey but things that I have learned, training tips, nutrition tips, etc.  So if any of you have things you really want to hear about please email me!!


  • I just recently launched Where Your Feet Take You run and triathlon coaching.  This is a project that has been in the background for many years, back to my personal trainer days in college.  As the 2017 year came to a close Brandon and I decided it was time for me to finally just go for it, if it failed well then it failed but I would never know if I didn't just go for it. Over the next year I plan to continue to grow the business and do what I love, helping each person to find their love and passion of health and fitness.


Similar to Where Your Feet Take You this has two sides to it.

  • One being that we plan to continue traveling as much as we love to and two being something that I will share at a later date with you all! Stay Tuned!!
  • Through my triathlon-ing we travel a fair amount and right now I am still trying to figure out my race schedule so it will be based a lot on that.  On top of that we are hoping to be able to take a couple of fun trips.


  • Continue to love every minute of life with my amazing husband and doodle puppy.  We have so much fun together and that is something I plan on continuing.
  • Learn to golf.  Golf is something my husband, dad, and mom love to play and as you know we like to go on vacations where golf is involved, I want to be involved.
  • Spend as much time with family and friends.

When you look at this it looks like a lot of goals, however when broken down by each of the things the I love in life it's not as crazy as it seems, plus I like to be busy :)  Over the years I have learned how to effectively manage my time, its one of my greatest skills, that allows me to be able to do more.

I am very excited for 2018 because no matter what occurs, whether I accomplish none or all of these goals, I know that it will full of fun, love, family, and a little bit of crazy here and there.

CHEERS!!! Kayla