Post Surgical Musings

At just shy of 4 weeks post hip surgery I would have to say that I am blessed for how smoothly the whole thing has gone.  A lot of people have been chalking up my recovery to going into surgery strong and healthy and while this may be the case it is hard for me to not believe it comes down more to faith, believing that this was the path that I was meant to go on and that I will come out of it strong. It is hard to say how it will go once I start back up on the bike and running, fingers crossed to be on the bike the end of next week, but the fact that 2 weeks post surgery I was off the crutches, 3 weeks I was beginning strengthening exercises and able to get through an entire workout without limitations is amazing.  I can't help but feel blessed for the process, for while surgery is never fun it has given me a chance to start fresh, to start healthy, and to really learn about where my body can go over the next year.

post srugery

The hardest thing about the surgery is learning to be patient during recovery.  I lost a lot of muscle, very quickly, in my left leg and mentally that has been difficult to see.  As I am feeling stronger each day it is becoming harder and harder for me to not try to start building that muscle back up and rectify that loss.  It is the goals that I have set for myself that are keeping me in check, for I know that in order for me to be able to compete and run for the rest of my life I have to properly recover from the surgery.   So this time around, and probably the first time ever I am being relatively patient and/or trying to be when it comes to recovery.

Trying to be patient has not been easy, and I am very thankful for my husband who has helped with this.  I tend to have very high expectations for myself and that can often lead to not thinking properly as to how I should treat my  body.  There have  been days where I've come home from work, especially right when I started back at work, just exhausted and beat up.  While my body was telling me you have to stay home my brain was saying NO you have to go to the gym, workout, become stronger, push through the discomfort.  It is times like this I have a hard time knowing which way to turn, and thankfully Brandon has an amazing way at helping me to "choose" the right path forward.

physical therapy

I have started strength training this week and despite small amounts of surgical discomfort it is AMAZING how much less pain I am in compared to pre-surgery.  No longer does my hip feel like it is on fire when I squat (body weight only right now).  For strengthening I am doing body weight squats, hip extension and abduction using therabands, and leg extension with low weight.  On top of that I walk as much as I can.  Apparently  next week I can start on the elliptical.


walking 2

So much of life has reminded me the importance of faith and belief in yourself and the others around you.  Under going the surgery was no exception to this.  There is no doubt in my mind that I have come out of surgery so strong due to the love, support, and belief that everyone has given me.  From my husband who always helps me to see the best in myself, to my parents who's unwavering support never ends, and to all the friends I have personally and throughout the social media world who have provided so much encouragement during the whole process.  It is through all of you that I have been blessed with the strength to be me and to push me.  I am so thankful for all of you and everything everyone has done.


Have you had an injury that you've had to recover from? What was the hardest part for you? What made the recovery period easier?