Running Around

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and that the Easter bunny brought them wonderfully large amounts of chocolate, sugar, and family love all around.

Both Brandon and I had a three-day weekend for the Easter holiday, a weekend much looked forward to as it was a rare three-day weekend were we had no concrete plans.  Somehow, as per usual, that weekend in which we had no plans turned into barley being home for more than an hour at a time.


Now that it is getting lighter earlier outside it means that our wonderful puppy doesn't like to sleep in as long, something that is fine on the weekdays as we are up anyways but on the weekends or days off it is a pain.  So since we were up about an hour earlier than normal we decided to start our day earlier and headed, as per usual, to the gym.  Resulting in basically our day off looking a lot like a regular day just flip-flopped with the gym in the morning instead of the evening.

car ride

Gym time then led to a very exciting shopping date at the mall.  Now when I say exciting you should all know that word is laden with sarcasm as neither Brandon nor myself are much into the whole shopping/mall going experience, unless it involves gym clothes and/or the Nike outlet mall.  But I was in grave need of a wardrobe update so it was time to brave the mall and bite the bullet.

That evening we headed out to a friends 30th birthday party.  We stopped to get a drink at one of the local bars close to our house on the way; while I always order the same thing, a lemon drop, I love looking at restaurant menus and seeing the fun concoctions and names they come up with for items.



Saturday turned out to be one of those days where none of your plans go as planned.  Due to what turned out to be a later Friday night than anticipated I did not get up and go to spin class, something I always regret later in the day, prior to our consult for wedding flowers :).   So I love anything that has to with our wedding and the lady we picked to do our flowers was no exception.  She was so wonderfully helpful and patient with the fact that I know absolutely nothing about flowers and had no clue what I wanted. What I believed to be simple was in fact not simple rather texture (which I did know was something you could have with flowers).  So needless to say she was very patient, as was my fiance who had the pleasure of joining in this consultation, and after a nice long hour consult we came up with what I hope will be beautiful arrangements.

When the rest of the day didn't fall into place as planned it was high time for me to get some miles in to unwind from the tangles of the day.  Since I did not get the workout in that I had planned (spin class in the morning with a track workout in the afternoon) I opted for a three miles upbeat tempo run mixed in with my 12 miles.  Turned out to be the perfect option for a frustrating day.

garminSince it was a beautiful afternoon / evening Brandon and I decided to head out to get some twilight golf in right after my run.  Well, he golfed I randomly hit the ball a couple of times; I am still learning the game and haven't swung a club in about 8 months so it took a bit to remember what he had taught me last year.

pre-golf starbucks

Easter Sunday

As promised our little bundle of fur baby, Gage dog, woke us up nice and early on Easter Sunday.  Which I can't complain too much as it allowed us to hang around a little bit before getting moving with runs and workouts.

Since I have been feeling a bit worn out with training for both a marathon and the bikini competition I decided to just run today.  Not look at my watch very often and run whatever pace and wherever I wanted.  So I went for a nice 16 mile, didn't fully have the 18 miles planned in my legs, jaunt through some trails and some roads trying to maintain a decent pace but nothing striking.


Those 16 miles put me about 6 miles above my goal for the week at a wonderful 56 miles.  I can always tell when I have gone over 50 miles for the week as I am pretty wiped out on Sunday by that time.

Week 30 March - 05 April

Goals: Keep on trucking Mileage Goals: 50 miles Total Miles: 56 miles


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Running Rest day 15.9 miles 4 miles Running rest Day   6.5 miles 13.0 miles

16.3 miles

After our workouts we took the puppy over to Brandon's parents house to watch some golf and enjoy a very lovely Easter dinner.  By the time dinner was over both the puppy and ourselves were pretty wiped out so for the first time this weekend we went home and spent the rest of the evening on the couch catching up with some of our favorite TV shows, doing laundry, and packing Brandon up for his trip to Boston for the week.

So while we were extremely busy this past holiday weekend I can assure I cannot complain as in reality we wouldn't have it any other way.

What did you do this past holiday weekend?  What are your favorite activities to do when you have day off?