Training for the JDRF - Marathon Mania

Happy Spring everyone! This weekend was a beautiful weekend here in Spokane with only a few sprinkles of rain, and the storm we were supposed to be getting held off long enough for me to get some great miles in the sun.  After taking a week off of running 50+ miles I was starting to feel more on track, and was able to hit my goal of 50 miles this week.


I finished the week off with a wonderful 20 miles in the sun for my Sunday Long Runday.  The miles are always a lot easier when the air is warm and the sun is shinning, it instantly puts a little more spring in my step.  20 miles is long ways and gives you plenty of time to think which brings me to the purpose of this article today and the basis of the title, Training for the JDRF - Marathon Mania.  

During my run I started thinking about all of the races I wanted to compete in and the goals I have set for myself in relation to these races.  I always get excited, and sometimes a little over zealous, planning my racing schedule and have found more and more lately I have had to scale back due to funding.  So while I was running I started thinking about ways I could raise some money in order to help me chase these dreams that I have of completing a full Ironman, running in both the Boston Marathon and New York City marathon.  Not all that much came to mind and with that I let my mind wander to something else.

Letting my mind wander and enjoying the sunshine.

As usual when I let my mind wander it gravitated to how Brandon, my fiance, was doing at Golf today (he often goes and plays golf while I get my long runs in). Thinking about him playing golf started me thinking of last year at this time in which Brandon was dealing with some serious back pain due to a bulging disk in his L5-S1 lumbar, he then went on to have back surgery in early May in order to remove the bulge.  Less than one year later he is out playing golf (and playing the best golf he's ever played), lifting heavier than he ever has before, and has fully embraced living a fit and healthy life.  All I could think of was how proud I was of him.


Not only is Brandon about to celebrate one year success after back surgery but he just recently celebrated his 15 year anniversary of living with Type 1 Diabetes.  At the age of 15, just after the SuperBowl, Brandon was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and in all 15 of those years he has not let it stop him from living the life he wanted to live.  He continued playing sports, even went on and played baseball in college, he lifts, plays golf, kayaks, and just enjoys living life full of passion.  It is his passion, strength, and determination that keeps me going and has taught me to believe in myself.  Brandon is not only my best friend and fiance, he is my rock, as it is his support and belief in me that continually pushes me to want more.

While Brandon is diligent about living a fit and healthy lifestyle living with Type 1 diabetes can prove its frustrations sometimes.  All that being said I started thinking about how could I help more and came up with an idea to raise money doing the things that I love; running, lifting, and competing bringing me to GoFundMe.

I have created an account in which to raise money in order to help fund my dream of completing an Ironman and racing in the iconic races of the Boston and New York City marathons.  While the extra help in funds for my journey will allow me to delve deeper into the world of competing the most important aspect for me is that I will be donating 1/2 of all funds raised to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Currently I have a goal to raise 2,ooo USD, with 1/2 of all funds being donated to the JDRF.  Once that goal has been reached I hope to keep the campaign moving forward with more and more being donated to the JDRF.  If the campaign reaches a goal of 5,000 USD or above than 3/4 of all funds will be donated to the JDRF.  

I am asking for a chance to help make a difference in the lives of those living with Type 1 diabetes and to support a foundation that is near and dear to my heart, for it is their research that has helped my fiance to be able to live a better quality of life and continue chasing his dreams.

Please take the time to check out my page of Training for the JDRF and help me chase my dreams of competing and giving back to the JDRF.