Postive Post: Week 6


SUNSHINE ☀️ and getting to ride my new road bike! [wpvideo kZP8EOmB] On Saturday night the husband and I drove down to Walla Walla Washington so that he could go golfing on Sunday and I could ride my bike.  As Walla Walla is a littler further south east they don't get as much snow and harsh weather so as long as it was going to be warm out I knew the roads would be much more clean than in Spokane.

It turned out to be a beautiful and amazing day. I felt like I could have rode my bike forever. I spent two hours rolling through the wheat fields and rarely saw a car, it was so peaceful.  As a fellow Betty would say, "it helped me find my mojo!"  Days like today remind you of the beauty that is all around us and in every ray of sunshine! 

What was your Postive for the weekend?!

                            CHEERS!!!                                 Kayla