Week 3 Positive


Since I had a Product Review (make sure you check it out!) come out on Monday I didn't want to overwhelm with multiple articles within a short amount of time I was just going to skip my positive post for the week.  However, after spending the last 48 hours purging my system from some sort of stomach bug I figured some positive thoughts is needed! Dad's Hip Surgery

So this is a weird positive as I know how much discomfort he is in right now due to the surgery, however it was the first step towards him getting back to normal with much less constant discomfort.  It is a positive in regards to taking first steps back towards strength and living the active life he is used to without pain and discomfort!

A good friend getting a second interview

I have this amazing friend who has been working so hard to find a new job, and this week she not only had one call back for a second interview but TWO call backs.  I'm so proud of how hard she has been working towards finding that new job and never giving up even when things get tough.  She totally embodies strength, love, faith, kindness, and this toughness that makes you want to keep moving forward.

New Isagenix Shipment Arrived

This is always A  POSITIVE who doesn't like to get packages!!! We had been out of our nutrition supplies for about two weeks now and I was missing it so much!  And after being very sick for the last two days my shakes have been a great asset to getting healthy nutrition back in my system.  We got Cleanse for Life, Shakes, Protein Bars (trying the lemon passion crunch ones, and a fun little snack pack.  Its always fun to get a new shipment of nutrition, especially when you are trying new items.

What is your positive for the week??

CHEERS!! Kayla