The Ups and Downs of Miles and Miles

I am a runner.  I run in rain or shine, light or darkness, I run until I cry, collapse, or until I feel like I cannot go on.  And then, I run another.  Because I am a runner.  Because I can. Because I am unstoppable, unbeatable, untouchable.

The Downs

It was one of those weeks in which the above statement became my mantra, as much of the week I felt as though I could not go on, did not want to go on, and sometimes did want to cry.  Both Brandon, my fiance, and I had one of those weeks in which it just didn't seem to come together.  The gym, which is our place -our home away from home - and our togetherness became a burden that we had to force upon ourselves.  Weights seemed heavier, miles seemed longer, everything hurt, and it was just a chore to go through our normal routine.  Despite being one of those week we persevered through because we could, because we are unstoppable, unbeatable, and untouchable.

ice bath


I have found that when I get that way the best thing to do is just give into it.  While Brandon and I continued to push through a little it was nowhere near the amount we normally do. I took mornings off, walked more, lifted lighter weights, and added some more carbohydrates to my diet.  Let me tell you sleeping in an extra hour and a half for a couple of days seemed to make a world of a difference. By Friday I started to feel more like myself and the chore that my training had been throughout the week lessened.  That is the thing about the journey is that some days, or even some weeks, you are going to have some rough days but the key is to continue moving forward with your head up, eyes open, and heart strong and next thing you know you'll have returned with even greater strength.

So yes, this week was a bit of a frustrating downer; when you don't feel your normal self it can be very vexing yet the beauty is that life has a wonderful way of working itself out and I ended the week feeling strong and ready for the next.

The UPs

Despite the rough week motivation wise I still hit my training plan right on schedule rounding the week off with a total of 57 miles.


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Running Rest day 5.3 Miles (AM) 10.5 miles (AM) 8.7 miles (PM) Treadmill intervals 4 miles (PM)   10.7 miles hill repeats 

18 miles 

The goal of the week had been to introduce more interval training into the plan however Saturday I hit the track at just the right time to which it was packed with high school sports teams and had to change my plan a bit.  Instead of doing mile repeats, as planned, I took off for a very famous hill in Spokane known as "Doomsday Hill", this is a wonderful wicked hill in the last leg of Spokane's Bloomsday Race.  5 by 400 meter hill repeats up Doomsday was a great replacement for mile repeats, as the left my lungs and legs burning.

Doomsday Hill RepeatsI finished off the week by celebrating National Women's day with a beautiful 18 miles on the Centennial Trail.  While yes I may be training for something and the miles are necessary in order to succeed in running a marathon for me the miles represent a whole lot more than just training.  There is this inner peace that overcomes me as I dive deeper and deeper into my miles.  Being surrounded by mother nature and doing something that no one besides myself can affect is very therapeutic.  It is a hard feeling to describe as I don't believe it has words.  There are only two other things and / or times that have brought forth this same peace, strength, and joy as running.

1. Anytime I step onto the mountain 2. Running 3. The day I realized how in love I am with my current fiance and that I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with him.

Sunday RundayFinishing the week with a strong 18 mile run in the sun, it was 65 degrees in Spokane today, made up for all the frustration earlier in the week had brought.  That is the thing about training and life is that there will be ups and downs but it is how you come out of it that builds who you are.

Now that the weeks trials and miles are over it is time for some meal prepping and relaxing down time with the fiance before he heads off to Seattle for a week of training.

Huge shout out to all my fellow women out there on National Women's day; keep your head up and your heart strong and you will be unstoppable.