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6 Tips To Running Faster Off The Bike

Being fast in an Ironman (both 1406. and 70.3 distances) really comes down to who can to who is the one who slows down the least. It is very common that around the late stages of a race all of the sudden the wheels fall off and pace drops. Running off the bike seems so easy, you just run right? So why is it that you as you work through your training all of the sudden it seems like you are getting slower during your running. You up your run mileage and it doesn’t seem to help… Running efficiently and in turn faster off the bike is more than just running more; there are a lot of little other factors involved with running faster off the bike. Check out my 6 tips to running faster off the bike!!

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Race Simulations: Why We Love Them

A race simulation doesn’t always have to be a complete day that is treated like a race but merely a specific workout say your long Sunday run where you do it at race pace effort, or even just a bike done with large portions at race pace effort. Now you can’t, and don’t want to do these types of training days, all the time because our bodies would break down but strategically placed they can be very beneficial.

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2017 // Adventure in Review

Oh where to start with 2017! It was a year of constant changes and going with the flow, that led us from Spokane to Whistler to Arizona to Chattanooga and Kona, Hawaii.  In this year in review I have briefly touched on some of the awesome events that filled our lives this year.  There are a lot of pictures and a lot of links to other blogs that will give you more about that event if you so wish to read about it.

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