When I started to consider a coach for myself, It was important to me that they were someone to whom I could relate but also draw inspiration. Kayla has far exceeded my expectations of a coach. She takes the time to really understand my goals and my life - schedule, injury, travel, career - and somehow finds a way to build a plan to flex around it all. She’s extremely accessible and highly responsive. I know i can call or text anytime with questions or feedback and she will reply. We talk before and after races and we’ve also had video sessions to review swim technique. She’s created a community feel for her athletes through a Facebook Page and regular FB alive chats.

After just a few months of Kayla’s coaching, I’ve seen huge improvements in my performance. She helped me rehab and build strength after a running injury. I’ve had a 30 minute bike PR. I’m a stronger swimmer than I’ve ever been! More importantly, I feel strong & confident. Kayla’s plans are hard. She pushes me beyond the borders of comfort and even beyond what I believe to be achievable, at times. She believes in me, sometimes more than I believe in myself. I’m so grateful to have Kayla as a coach. She’s been a game changer for me!
— Brook Rushing @brookrushing

My obsession with Triathlon started in my early twenties, when I saw Chrissie Wellington dominate Kona in 2008. After this, I competed in various triathlons, but struggled with some health issues along the way, and I had my final surgery this time last year.

Kayla’s coaching has allowed me to gain a level of fitness that I thought I would never be able to achieve. Looking forward to continuously pushing my limits.
— Laura Bowens

I began my journey with Kayla when I was seeking a coach for my first half marathon.  I quickly realized I hired more than just a coach, I gained an instrumental tool to my training and a mentor whose methodologies yield success.  She has helped me take 3 minutes/mile off of my pace.

Kayla has given me the confidence to thrive as an athlete and I am honored to have Kayla as my coach.  I would highly recommend Kayla to any level of athlete who wants to safely improve their performance and enjoy training with the support of a coach who makes the impossible possible.
— Michelle